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Exness Privacy Policy

Exness, a top online broker for various assets like forex, digital currencies, indexes, metals, energy, and stocks, is dedicated to guarding your privacy and using strong data safety methods. As a reliable service for clients globally, Exness takes user privacy seriously.

Our detailed review of the third-party privacy policy gives clear insights into how Exness handles data: from collecting and using to sharing and protecting it, along with compliance details, address, ways to contact us, and our promise to keep client information secure. This helps potential clients understand everything before choosing Exness’s services.

Data Handling and Use

Exness gathers specific personal details from users to offer personalized trading options, improve user experience, and fulfill legal needs. The data collected during setting up an account includes:

  • Necessary identification info like your full legal name, contact details, home address, and documents for proving identity and address. This is used to confirm who you are.
  • Financial information such as bank accounts, payment card details, and transaction records. This helps make deposits, withdrawals, and funding your account easier.
  • Details about your trading background, investment goals, and how much risk you’re okay with. This helps Exness give you trading services that match your needs.
  • Copies of official identity documents like national IDs, passports, and proofs of address. These are important for following laws and thorough checks.

Exness only collects the data that’s needed to provide services legally and safely. The company is open about what data is collected and how it’s used to help clients.

Exness might also gather extra personal info through optional surveys, messages, and website usage. Choosing to join in surveys and give more info is up to you. The website might use cookies but only to make your experience better.

Exness uses the personal data it collects in a responsible way, making sure it’s only for essential business activities. This includes setting up and managing accounts, checking who you are, and doing risk assessments. The company also works on making trading, deposits, and withdrawals smooth, giving good customer service, and answering account questions.

Exness also communicates with clients about new products, learning resources, and special offers, always getting permission first. Improving trading tools for a better trading experience is another important use of data.

Meeting legal, regulatory, and compliance needs is a big part of how Exness uses data. Making services fit clients’ individual profiles and needs is another key use of the information.

In short, Exness is committed to respecting data privacy by only gathering necessary information in a transparent way, and using it in ways that genuinely benefit its services.

Sharing Information with Outside Entities

Exness keeps client personal details private and doesn’t share them with anyone outside who isn’t allowed, unless the user says it’s okay or in certain special cases like these:

  • Partners and Referral Agents: We might give client info to our trusted partners who help with promotions and getting new clients. They agree to keep this info secret.
  • Financial Watchdogs: We may have to tell financial authorities about personal data if the law about money and trading says we need to.
  • Auditors: People who check on Exness from outside might see client details. They do this to make sure Exness is doing things right and following rules.
  • Police and Investigators: If the law asks us in the right way, we might have to give client information to the police or others looking into something.
  • Big Company Changes: If Exness joins with another company, gets bought, or sells part of itself, we might need to share client data, but we’ll be very careful about it.
  • Helpers: Some outside companies help us with things like checking for money laundering, making sure people are who they say they are, and keeping our technology working. They might see some client information, but only what they really need and they have to keep it secret.

Exness doesn’t let out user data to others much and only shares the least amount needed by the law or that we have to for a specific reason.

Safeguarding Client Data

Exness employs robust physical, digital, and procedural measures to keep client personal information safe. Important security steps include:

  • Encrypting data while it’s being sent or stored to stop unauthorized people from seeing it.
  • Using highly secure data storage places with several layers of entry checks, constant watching, and backup systems.
  • Regular checks from outside for any weak spots in our cybersecurity, plus safety audits.
  • Systems that watch automatically for any signs of a data leak and act fast to fix it.
  • Controls on who can see data, making sure only the right staff can access it, based on their need and job.
  • In-depth training for all staff on how to keep data safe.
  • Clear rules for how to handle data, based on the best ways known worldwide.
  • Regular checks inside the company to make sure we’re keeping data safe everywhere we work.

Exness also carefully check any outside companies we work with to make sure they handle client data safely.

By weaving data protection deep into our technology, how we work, and our company culture, Exness keeps your personal data safe at the very highest level all the time.

Staying Up-to-Date with Privacy Laws

Exness is always keeping an eye on and adding global data privacy laws and rules into how it works, including:

  • Choosing Data Protection Officers and a privacy team.
  • Doing thorough checks to see how protecting data impacts things.
  • Keeping detailed records of personal data and how it’s used.
  • Following EU rules and corporate policies for GDPR (data protection law in Europe).
  • Letting clients see, change, limit, remove, or move their data.
  • Showing clear privacy information on its platforms for everyone to see.
  • Looking at rules in different places and changing how things are done to fit.

Exness has strong programs to make sure it follows privacy laws everywhere, whether they’re global, regional, or local.

Where to Find Exness and How to Contact

Exness has its main office here:

Exness Group Kensington Gardens, No. U1317, Lot 7616, Jalan Jumidar Buyong, 87000 Labuan FT, Malaysia

Clients can reach out to the Exness Data Protection Officer and privacy team at:

Email: [email protected]

Address: Data Protection Officer, Exness Group, Kensington Gardens, No. U1317, Lot 7616, Jalan Jumidar Buyong, 87000 Labuan FT, Malaysia

Exness makes it easy for clients to talk about privacy worries or ask for help with data protection.


This full independent review shows how serious Exness is about keeping client privacy safe. Exness collects data the right way, keeps user information secure with strong safety measures, doesn’t share too much, and follows privacy laws all over the world.

People thinking about using Exness for trading can be sure that their personal details will be taken care of very carefully, with honesty, privacy, and following the rules. Exness is always working to make privacy protection better for everyone it works with, everywhere.

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