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Exness Account Verification

Exness Account Verification

Verifying your Exness account is a crucial step to unlock all the features and ensure a secure trading environment. This guide will walk you through the importance of verification, the documents you will need, and a detailed step-by-step process to verify both real and demo trading accounts.

Why Exness Verification is Important

To ensure the integrity and security of the trading environment, registration at Exness is a crucial initial step. Following that, the verification process becomes indispensable for a comprehensive safeguarding of your trading activities:

  • Security: Verification prevents unauthorized access and fraud, enhancing safety for all Exness users.
  • Compliance: By requiring POI and POR documents, Exness aligns with global regulations to deter financial crimes, building user trust.
  • Feature Access: Verified accounts unlock full features, including withdrawals and higher leverage options, boosting trading potential.
  • Trust: Verification fosters trust among traders by ensuring all participants are verified, leading to a more reliable Exness platform.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal: Efficient and secure Exness deposit and withdrawal processes contribute to a seamless trading experience, allowing users to manage their funds with ease and confidence.
Why Exness Verification is Important

Important Verification Considerations

To ensure a smooth verification process, it’s essential to provide two different documents for POI and POR submissions, which you will be prompted to upload consecutively. In some cases, clients can use one document for both verifications, depending on the country. Documents must be high-quality, government-issued, and meet specific criteria outlined by Exness, including:

  • For Proof of Identity (POI): Documents must include a photo, the full name matching the account holder, date of birth (confirming the client is 18 or above), and must be valid (with at least one month of validity remaining). All four edges and, if applicable, both sides of the document must be visible.
  • For Proof of Residence (POR): Documents must include the full name and address of the Exness account holder, the issue date (issued within the last 6 months), and all four edges of the document must be visible. If the document is two-sided, both sides must be uploaded.

Exness Verification Document Requirements

When preparing to verify your Exness account, it’s crucial to understand and gather the necessary documents. The process is designed to be straightforward, yet it requires specific documents to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and to safeguard your account. Here’s what you need to know.

Valid Government-Issued ID

This is a cornerstone document for verifying your identity. Acceptable forms include:

  • Passport: Widely recognized as the most robust form of identification, it must be current and contain your photo, full name, date of birth, and expiry date.
  • Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license with your photograph, name, and an expiry date that confirms your identity and is accepted in many jurisdictions.
  • National ID Card: For those who might not have a passport or driver’s license, a national ID card issued by your government can also serve as proof of identity. It should feature your photo, name, date of birth, and an expiry date if applicable.

Proof of Residence (POR)

Establishing your place of residence is equally important for regulatory compliance and to ensure account security. Documents that are typically accepted include:

  • Utility Bill: A recent utility bill (electricity, water, gas, internet, or landline telephone) that displays your name and current address. It must be dated within the last three months to ensure relevance.
  • Bank Statement: A statement from your bank that includes your name, address, and recent transactions can also serve as proof of residence. Like utility bills, it should be recent (within the last three months).
  • Official Government or Tax Documents: In some cases, documents issued by government bodies, such as tax bills or government-issued letters, can serve as proof of residence if they include your name, address, and a recent issue date.

Examples and Acceptable Formats

  • POI Documents: International passport, national identity card/document, driver’s license, permanent residence card.
  • POR Documents: Utility bill, recent bank statement, local tax bill, reference letter from your bank.

Documents can be submitted in various formats including jpg, jpeg, mp4, mov, webm, m4v, png, bmp, and pdf, with a file size up to 64 MB.

Exness Verification Document Requirements

Verification Steps for Exness Account

To begin the Exness account verification process, follow these streamlined steps, ensuring each is completed accurately for a smooth experience.

Step 1: Log in to Personal Area

Start by accessing your Personal Area through the website using your Exness login details. This is where you manage your account and initiate verification.

Step 2: Email and Phone Verification

Next, secure your account by verifying your email and phone number. You’ll receive a verification link via email and a code through SMS to confirm your contact details.

Step 3: Provide Personal Information

Fill in a form with your full name, date of birth, and address in the Personal Area. Accuracy here is crucial for your identity verification.

Step 4: Initial Deposit and Economic Profile

Depending on your location and chosen account type, make an initial deposit and detail your economic profile, including employment, income, and investment experience.

Step 5: Submit Verification Documents

Upload clear copies of required verification documents in the Personal Area. Ensure these documents are readable to avoid delays in the verification process.

Step 6: Proof of Identity and Proof of Residence

Finally, submit documents proving your identity and residence, making sure all details are visible and current. This step finalizes the verification process.

Verification of Exness Demo Account

To start with Exness Demo trading accounts, you only need an email address and password. Upon registration, you’re provided with an MT5 Demo trading account and a default balance of USD 10,000 for practice purposes (note: this balance has no real monetary value). Although you can create multiple Demo accounts, there’s a limit on how many you can have per Personal Area, and Demo accounts are not available for Standard Cent account types. For information on creating new Demo accounts, a link is provided for detailed guidance.

Verification of Exness Real Trading Accounts

Engaging with Exness Real trading accounts requires a bit more preparation:

  1. Your registered email and phone number verification is required as per the instructions sent upon registration.
  2. Providing comprehensive personal details is necessary, including your first name, last name, date of birth, and physical address.
  3. Meeting the Exness minimum deposit requirement specified for your account type is essential. A Personal Area not fully verified has a restriction to a total deposit limit of USD 2,000 across all trading accounts.

After making your first deposit, trading with a Real account becomes possible. However, removing certain restrictions from your Personal Area requires full profile verification within 30 days. This includes:

  • Filling out your economic profile during registration is advised as it’s a crucial step for verification.
  • Ensuring your proof of identity matches the account holder’s name adjusts the total deposit limit to USD 50,000 for Real accounts.
  • Reflecting your current residence with your proof of residence removes all limitations on Real trading accounts within your Personal Area.

Why Your Verification Documents Were Rejected

Below is a table summarizing the common reasons for verification document rejection along with the required user actions:

ReasonUser Action Required
The document uploaded is in an unsupported language.Please upload a document in a supported language.
Text in the document can’t be read.Take and upload a clearer photo of the document.
The photo uploaded is of poor quality.Upload a better quality photo or choose a different document format.
Incomplete verification due to missing documents.Upload all required documents to complete verification.
Additional documents required for verification.Review the requirements and upload the necessary additional documents.
Birth certificate required for verification.Upload a photo of your birth certificate.
Edited photos are not accepted.Upload original, unedited photos of the documents.
The document uploaded has expired.Upload a valid, unexpired document.
The document is invalid or damaged.Upload a different, undamaged document.
Document missing full name and/or date of birth.Upload a document that includes full name and date of birth.
Missing photo of the owner’s face on the document.Upload a document with a clear photo of your face.
Document from unsupported region.Upload a document issued in the region where your account is registered.
Corners of the document are not visible.Ensure all corners of the document are visible in the upload.
Document data not clearly visible.Ensure all document data is clear and legible.
Document cannot be accepted as Proof of Address (PoA).Upload an acceptable address document like a utility bill or bank statement issued within the last 6 months.
The document does not contain full name or full address.Upload a document that clearly shows your full name and full home address.
The country on the document does not match profile.Upload a document issued in the country listed in your profile.

In case of rejection, review the feedback provided, adjust accordingly, and resubmit your documents. If you encounter persistent issues, contacting Exness support is advisable for personalized assistance.

Tips for Successful Document Submission

  1. Clarity and Legibility: Ensure that all documents are clear and legible. Blurry or unclear documents can lead to delays in the verification process.
  2. Current and Valid: Documents should be current (especially proof of residence) and valid (particularly identification documents). Expired documents will not be accepted.
  3. Full Document Visibility: Ensure that scans or photos of documents include all four edges and are not cropped. This requirement helps verify the authenticity of the documents.
  4. Format and Size: Submit documents in accepted formats (jpg, jpeg, pdf, etc.) and within the size limits specified by Exness to avoid submission issues.


The Exness account verification process is a fundamental step to ensure the security of your account and compliance with financial regulations. This comprehensive procedure involves verifying your email and phone number, providing essential personal information, making an initial deposit, completing an economic profile, and submitting proof of identity and residence documents. As users undergo this meticulous verification, they unlock access to the full spectrum of trading features. Seamlessly integrating with the verification process, the Exness App, Exness MT4, Exness MT5, and Exness Web Terminal platforms offer enhanced accessibility and functionality, providing a comprehensive and secure environment for traders. This process is crucial for ensuring account security and adhering to legal requirements.

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